About yeeze shop

Yeeze.shop as a creative and functional unit, It was clear from the outset that this collaboration would cause a sensation. After all, Yeezy 360 v3 claps of thunder past previous dimensions with its design-technology mix. It's about vision, spirit, and aesthetics.
Visually, each model represents a very special vision: ease and timelessness. "With the right attitude and passion," the rapper says, "anyone can do almost anything without too much effort – you might even say it's easy." The timelessness of the American rapper, music producer, singer and fashion designer not only draws on an ageless design but also on forward-looking technology. Of course, these ideas can also be found throughout the design. Now it ensures an optimized fit and maximum running and wearing comfort.


  • EMAIL:  service@yeeze.shop
  • Address: 3030 N. ROCKY POINT DR., STE 150A TAMPA, FL. US 33607 section 15.16, Florida States


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